Tech Support


An important function of the Barnstable Sheriff's Office is maintenance of the emergency radio systems that enable local police, fire and EMS providers to communicate quickly and efficiently.

The Technical Division handles all facets of this communication network including design, planning, implementation, and maintenance. We take care of our own radio systems as well, along with the installation of mobile radios in police cruisers, ambulances and other specialty vehicles (public safety boats, beach vehicles, etc.)

Our design and engineering services support the demanding needs of public safety communications. As technology grows, so does the demand for reliable equipment and operational support systems. The Technical Division has traditionally been the focal point for developing and addressing these specific engineering needs. Dispatch consoles, radio tower design, communications systems and security systems are to name but a few.

Staffed by a trained group of radio technicians, the division handles the installation and repair of over 3,000 mobile and portable radios and over 500 pagers. We also maintain the fixed infrastructures, such as base stations, consoles and the like.

With a service fleet of four support vehicles, the shop is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. We’re also on call 24/7 for after hour support.

The Tech Shop staff has received formal Motorola training on much of the equipment currently used on our public safety radio systems. This includes mobile radios, portable radios and communication consoles. A well stocked parts inventory offers the shop the ability to turn repairs around quickly while keeping the public safety systems on line.

Installation of radio equipment in the mobile units is especially important because dependable and reliable operation is paramount for public safety communications. Extra care is given to ensure that all installations will stand up to the unique rigors of public safety use.

The Sheriff’s Emergency Communications Center at Otis Air National Guard Base is also supported by the Tech Shop. This includes the countywide EMS radio system, backbone of 11 base station radios, as well as two repeaters and several hospital remote consoles. We also maintain communications for more than 60 EMS rescue and support vehicles.

The Technical Division also supports the Sheriff’s mobile emergency communications vehicle. This rolling, high-tech center contains the latest in communications equipment. This includes regional and statewide “800” trunking radios; VHF, UHF, and low band systems; two full dispatch positions (communications consoles included). Other features: VHF marine, 2 M and 70 CM Amateur radio systems, direct satellite TV to get news and weather updates, a microwave link to the Mass State Police helicopter video systems, full data integration back to our regional center and to the Internet, and a telescoping 40 foot antenna mast. We also have a 45-foot tower trailer with three wide-band antennas and the related equipment needed to patch multiple communications systems together. The mobile unit is self-contained, with an on-board generator, and can be deployed in less than an hour.































For more information about tech support contact:

       Ralph Swenson, Director

       (508) 563-4243