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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Sheriff lodges opiate charges against two inmates, A&B against a third

               BOURNE, Massachusetts – The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office has filed criminal charges against two inmates for attempting to smuggle heroin, cocaine, and narcotic pills into the Barnstable County Correctional Facility.  A separate complaint was lodged against another inmate, this one for assault and battery on a correction officer and for wanton destruction of property caused during the incident.

               Both incidents occurred about two weeks ago.

               In the drug complaint, a 24-year-old Dennisport female has been charged with possession of 1.7 grams of heroin, possession of 21 xanax pills, and attempting to introduce drugs into a correctional facility.

               The other inmate, a 28-year-old Hyannis male, has been charged with distribution of heroin, distribution of cocaine (1.3 grams), distribution of xanax (6½ pills), and distribution of klonopin (36½ pills).  Both inmates were also charged with violating drug conspiracy laws because the two were working in concert, investigating deputies were able to ascertain.

               The third inmate, a 23-year-old West Barnstable resident, was charged with assaulting the officer in charge of his housing unit on that particular day.  The deputy was taken to Falmouth Hospital, returned to work, and remains on duty. 

               The Cape & Islands district attorney’s office will now review the Sheriff’s criminal  complaints against the three inmates. 

               The jail, meanwhile, has witnessed an unmistakable uptick in drug smuggling attempts and related activity, with its special operations unit launching between two and three investigations per month during a recent 22-month period.  That far exceeds the attention such attempts had required prior to the region’s jump in opiate activity.

               Wrote Sheriff James Cummings in a recent, widely-circulated opinion piece: “A whole new layer of cost has been imposed on those of us who treat drug addiction and those of us who battle the crime and misery left in its wake.”

Male alleged drug smuggler, 1.3 grams of cocaine

Male alleged drug smuggler (same suspect), 1.6 grams of heroin

Male alleged drug smuggler (same suspect), 42 pills (36½ of them are klonopin and 5½ are Xanax)

Female alleged drug smuggler, 1.7 grams of heroin