Neighborhood Watch


What is USAonwatch (UOW) / Neighborhood Watch(NW)?
USA-on-Watch (UOW) was created by the National Sheriffs' Association, in conjunction with the U.S Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance and the White House's Office of USA Freedom Corps, to advance this cause by encouraging the initiation and/or revitalization of Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the country. One of the oldest and best known crime prevention concepts in history, Neighborhood Watch was created to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens in a massive effort to reduce residential crime. USA-on-watch is used not only to promote NWs, but also record the number of NWs started.


Mashpee Triad volunteers are trained by Caileen Fitzgerald of the Massachusetts Neighborhood Crime Watch Commission to start local neighborhood watch groups.

To register your neighborhood watch with USA-on-Watch click here.


A number of publications are available from USA-on-Watch to assist you with starting and/or revitalizing your watch program. To access these publications click here.


The Barnstable County Sheriff's Office has also developed a training powerpoint based on USA-on-Watch materials, and materials developed by the former Massachusetts Neighborhood Crime Watch Commission.

Click here to download the powerpoint.


USA-on-Watch Update . . . Click here to download powerpoint.





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