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Inmate Mail

Barnstable County Correctional Facility

We encourage friends and family members to correspond with inmates during their incarceration at the BCCF. Inmates are allowed to send and receive unlimited correspondence that complies with the BCSO Mail Policy.

Postage paid envelopes and writing paper are available for inmates to purchase through the facility commissary (see Inmate Funds).

Mail Rules

  1. Correspondence must be typed in black ink, or handwritten in black-ink pen and/or non-colored pencil only – no crayons, markers, colored pencils or the like;
  2. Correspondence must be on plain white paper, free of stains, spills or discoloration.
  3. Drawings must be on plain white paper, free of stains, spills or discoloration and done in black- ink pen and/or non-colored pencil, only.
  4. Greeting cards may be sent but they must be single-layered.
  5. NO glitter, glitter glue, confetti, stamps (other than postage stamps), stickers, labels, or seals are allowed on letters, drawings, greeting cards, or the envelope, or in the envelope the mail is sent in.
  6. All correspondence must be free of perfume/cologne.
  7. No sexually explicit materials may be sent – this includes photographs, books, letters, drawings, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, printouts, etc.
  8. No photographs, drawings, printed or handwritten instructions relating to manufacturing explosives, drugs, weapons or other unlawful materials may be sent.
  9. No material that advocates or promotes violence or facility disruption may be sent.
  10. No material that is gang related, racially, politically, nationally or religiously volatile, or which would assimilate hatred in any form, may be sent.
  11. No food, beverages, clothing, smoking materials, drugs, personal items, writing materials, bedding, household items, entertainment items (including technology), money, gift cards, reading materials, etc. may be sent to an inmate (other than listed in #15 below).
  12. Photographs may be sent that are 4” x 6” or 3” x 5”. Photos must have no frames or borders. No Polaroid type of photo may be sent. The above requirements listed above in 7, 8, 9, & 10 for appropriate content apply.
  13. Money orders or bank checks may be sent to an inmate in a card or letter. See Inmate Funds for applicable rules.
  14. No cash or gift cards may be sent to an inmate under any circumstance.
  15. Books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals may be sent to inmates but they must be sent directly to the inmate by the publisher or a distributor (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, for example). All such materials sent by anyone other than the publisher or distributor will be returned to sender.
  16. There is no limit to the number of letters that can be sent to an inmate or received by an inmate as long as they comply with the BCSO Mail Policy.
  17. All of the above rules apply to legal mail sent by inmate’s legal counsel.
  18. All inmate mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate Name, Inmate ID#
Barnstable County Correctional Facility
6000 Sheriff’s Place
Bourne, MA 02532

Mail Policies

  1. Inmates without the funds to purchase writing supplies and postage from the facility commissary may be provided free of charge writing paper, envelopes and postage for three (3) letters per week free of charge.
  2. All incoming mail is opened by BCCF security staff and searched for contraband. Privileged mail from attorneys or the court will only be opened by BCSO security staff in the presence of the inmate.
  3. All outgoing mail is stamped to identify that it is being sent from the BCCF.
  4. Any correspondence received that does not comply with the above standards will be placed in the property room under the inmate’s name and the inmate will be notified. Inmate will have 30 days to have the correspondence picked up or mailed out. After 30 days, the correspondence will be destroyed.
  5. Mail received after an inmate has left the BCCF will be forwarded whenever possible or returned to sender.
  6. In order to ensure a safe and secure facility, the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny any and all items sent to a BCCF inmate deemed inappropriate and/or non-compliant with BCSO policies.

Please be advised the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office policies are subject to change without notice.

The BCSO reserves the right to return any mail to sender deemed inappropriate
or not in compliance with the aforesaid BCSO Mail Rules and Policies.

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