Training Academy

  It is the goal of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy to provide Professional Training and knowledgeable instructors to its entire staff through classroom instructions, seminars and educational materials. The training staff would like to thank you for viewing our training site, and if the training staff can assist you please call the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy.

The Training Academy is located at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility in Bourne, MA.

Captain Peter Monteiro, Director of Training


The Training Academy is staffed with two full time training officers who are certified Train the Trainers. Several Correctional Officers and Support Staff also assist with classroom instruction and are certified as Train the Trainers. All Training is conducted under the guidelines set forth in 103.CMR 915.00 Massachusetts County Correctional Facilities Training and Staff Guidelines. Instructors are required to maintain certification and to seek higher levels of education.


    Current Instructors:

        • CPR – First Responders: 9
        • Firearms: 9
        • Defensive Tactics: 7
        • Chemical Agents Instructors: 4
        • Instructor Train the Trainers: 21
  All New Employees who have daily inmate contact, i.e. teachers, counselors, and medical staff are required to attend a formal Forty Hour Orientation Training Program that conforms to the state CMR’s and Department Policy. The training components shall include but not be limited to the following topics:
Office Mission Statement
CPR-First Aid-AED
Rights & Responsibilities
Ethics and Professionalism
Emergency Procedures
Sexual Harassment-Staff I/M Misconduct
Interpersonal Skills
Security Issues
Prison Rape Elmination Act  

  New Correctional Officers attend a Formal Eleven Week Training Academy
(440 hours) which conforms to the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association Education and Training Committee Core-1 and Core-11. The training components shall include but not be limited to the following topics:
Security and Search Procedures
Firearms Training
Use of Force
Security Threat Groups
Civil Liability
Court Room Testimony
Defensive Tactics – Restraints Use/Ground Defense
ASP Batons
Supervision of Inmates
Chemical Agents
Report Writing
Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Inmate & Staff Rules
Mental Health
Rights & Responsibilities
Special Needs Inmates
Emergency Procedures
Staff Inmate Relations
Interpersonal Communications
Drill and Ceremony
Social & Cultural Life Styles
Metal Detector Training
Sexual Harassment/Misconduct
C.O.R.I. & Victim Witness Unit Services
First Aid – CPR – AED
Policy and Procedures Review
Stress Management
Direct Supervision
Drug Identification
Employee Assistance Program
Fire Safety –SCBA Extinguishers
Booking and Admissions
Physical Fitness
Key & Tool Control
Direct Supervision - 40 hours
Prison Rape Elimination Act
  All employees attend a 40-hour in service training program each year. Hours for this training depend on the level of inmate contact.

In addition, staff have the ability to attend the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Reserve Intermittent Police Academy. Training agencies that are used or attended by employees are the Massachusetts Department of Correction, Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association Education and Training Committee Conferences, National Institute of Corrections, American Jail Association, and American Correctional Association.

  Administrative and Managerial staff shall receive at least 40 hours of Orientation if they are new to the facility and at least 24 hours of management training each year thereafter. The training components shall include but not be limited to the following topics:
General Management and Related Topics
Interpersonal Communications
Legal Issues
Decision Making Process
Human Relations
Employee Management Relations
  In addition to general training requirements, the Training Academy has and continues to host and arrange for Specialty Training for its staff, here are some examples of past specialty classes:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Metal Tec 1400 Metal Detector
  • National Sheriff’s Association –Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Academy of Counter Terrorism – Weapons of Mass Destruction – Instructor Course
  • National Institute of Corrections- Staff /Inmate Sexual Misconduct
  • National Institute of Corrections – Interpersonal Communications – Instructor Course
  • Jaycor Tactical Munitions- Less Than Lethal Munitions Instructor Course
  • Enmark FATS III Firearms Simulator
  • Medical Classes
  • CPR for K-9 Units
  • Fire Safety Officers Course
  • Narcotics Interdiction Hidden Compartments
  • Emergency Dispatching Classes for 911 Operators
  • K-9 Legal Issues-Use of Force