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Corrections Officer Job Description

Barnstable County Sheriff's Office

Under the direction of the Sheriff, Special Sheriff, Superintendent of Operations, Assistant Superintendent of Jail Operations and Superior Officers, the Correctional Officer is responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates in a correctional institution for men and women. The Correctional Officer supervises and guides their occupational, vocational and recreational activities; and performs related work as required.

STATUS: Union Position
GRADE: G1 - 1-11

Statement of Responsibilities

  • Maintain custodial care, and control of the inmates in their assigned area
  • Oversee inmate compliance with inmate disciplinary rules and regulations
  • Responsible for inspecting inmate housing units and ensuring all areas are kept to facility standards
  • Responsible for ensuring written reports and/or work orders are submitted when housing, safety standards or maintenance issues arise;
  • Responsible for patrolling assigned areas of the facility, and ensuring the facility is kept in accordance with departmental policies, necessary to prevent escapes, riots and disorders
  • Maintain a level of physical fitness as reasonable physical force may be necessary to maintain control and order
  • Responsible for escorting inmates within the facility and during transport outside the institution;
  • Responsible for administering first aid up to their level of training
  • Responsible for supervising inmate visits and monitoring inmate mail in accordance with departmental policies
  • Responsible for enforcing all relevant facility rules and regulations as it relates to inmate behavior;
  • Responsible for clearly communicating with the inmate population, with an emphasis on inmates following instructions given to them
  • Assign inmates to work details; supervise inmates in facility related tasks, including but not limited to preparation of meals, inmate laundry, janitorial duties inmate hygiene and housekeeping responsibilities
  • Responsible for booking inmates, including but not limited to fingerprinting, photographing and collecting data from incoming inmates;
  • Responsible for processing inmates being released;
  • Assist or supervise in-house specialty assignments;
  • Responsible for reviewing policies and procedures periodically;
  • Responsible for observing the chain of command and following all lawful orders of superiors;
  • Responsible for conducting himself/herself at all times, in a manner becoming an officer of this agency.

Good attendance is an essential aspect of this position.

The Sheriff has the right to add or delete from these responsibilities.


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; B.S. degree Criminal Justice preferred but not required;
  • Must attain 21 years of age by completion of the academy;
  • Must be eligible to obtain a license to carry a firearm in the state of MA;
  • Ability to follow written and oral instruction;
  • Pass written exam;
  • Pass physical fitness exam;
  • Pass a drug exam;
  • Successfully complete an oral interview
  • Correctional Officer Application Process


Barnstable County Correctional Facility
6000 Sheriff’s Place
Bourne, MA 02532

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