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Corrections Officer Application Process

Barnstable County Sheriff's Office

All CO candidates must submit an Employment Application to the BCSO and if chosen, attend and graduate from the eleven week BCSO Correctional Officer Recruit Academy in order to be hired as a BCSO Correctional Officer.

The BCSO is committed to hiring the highest quality candidates for these highly sought after positions. All candidates must meet or exceed the following minimum requirements in order to be considered:

Minimum Qualifications to become a BCSO Correctional Officer:

  • Must be at least 19 years of age at time of job application
  • High School Diploma or equivalent (a college degree is preferred)
  • Legal US work status
  • Active MA Driver’s License
  • Must meet BCSO physical and medical standards for the position
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a drug test
  • Meet the requirements necessary to obtain a firearms permit

Note: No tattoos on face, neck and/or hands, nor facial piercings, body art, brands and/or scarifications, of any type shall be allowed.

The following application process applies if you meet the above minimum requirements:

BCSO Correctional Officer Application Process

  • Submit a fully completed Employment Application with a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate to the BCSO. Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your application and advising of next steps.
  • The BCSO conducts recruit academies for training of correction officers approximately once a year depending on BCSO staffing needs. Send in your application even if the BCSO is not in the process of recruiting for a scheduled academy. All eligible CO applications received will be kept on file until the next BCSO Recruit Academy is announced at which time our Human Resources department will reach out to you via the email you provided to see if you are still interested in moving forward with your application. Once the Academy is announced, the qualification process will begin. You will be notified by Human Resources as to dates and times for the qualification testing.
  • All candidates must submit to the following qualification testing in order to be considered:
    Written examination to determine competence. This exam is based on common knowledge and not on any particular subject matter and will include a written essay requirement. Candidates are advised that there are no study materials provided for this exam.
    - Physical agility test. Your physical fitness will be evaluated to ensure that you are able to perform the duties of a corrections officer. Physical fitness testing consists of sit-ups, push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. Minimal acceptable times and amounts for completing these tests vary depending upon age and gender.
    - All Males and Females should be able to meet the following physical fitness requirements in order to move forward with the BCSO Recruit selection process: Click here for Physical Fitness Guidelines pdf icon
    - Intensive background investigation
    - Oral Interview
    - Medical Review
  • Upon completion of the requirements above, the BCSO will notify you if you have been selected to participate in the BCSO Recruit Academy. Once notified of your acceptance, you will attend a formal 11 week training academy which conforms to the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association Education and Training Committee Core-1 and Core 11 requirements.
  • The training components shall include but not be limited to the following topics:

    ASP Batons
    C.O.R.I. & Victim Witness Unit Services
    Civil Liability
    Court Room Testimony
    Direct Supervision
    Drill and Ceremony
    Emergency Procedures
    Fire Safety –SCBA Extinguishers
    First Aid – CPR – AED
    Interpersonal Communications
    Mental Health
    Physical Fitness
    Prison Rape Elimination Act
    Rights & Responsibilities
    Security Threat Groups
    Social & Cultural Life Styles
    Staff Inmate Relations
    Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    Use of Force
    Booking and Admissions
    Chemical Agents
    Defensive Tactics – Restraints Use/Ground Defense
    Direct Supervision - 40 hours
    Drug Identification
    Employee Assistance Program
    Firearms Training
    Inmate & Staff Rules
    Key & Tool Control
    Metal Detector Training
    Policy and Procedures Review
    Report Writing
    Security and Search Procedures
    Sexual Harassment/Misconduct
    Special Needs Inmates
    Stress Management
    Supervision of Inmates

    Good Luck! For more specific information, please contact the BCSO Human Resources Office at: 508-563-4316 or send an email to:

    Acknowledgement of receipt of your job application by the BCSO does not guarantee job placement with the BCSO or a place in the BCSO hiring process.

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