Electronic Monitoring

The Barnstable County Sheriff's Office Electronic Monitoring Unit identifies county inmates & federal inmates (referred by the Federal Bureau of Prisons) that are eligible to step-down to lower custody on a GPS bracelet. Eligibility criteria is based on completion/participation of programs, positive adjustment, results of LSCMI (level of service management inventory) and length of sentence.

This program allows the inmate to re-enter the community prior to completion of his/her sentence. He/She is monitored by a GPS bracelet worn on his/her leg. Electronic Monitoring Officers ensure that all inmates in the program comply by conducting unannounced visits at their residences and place of employment as well as monitoring locations via computer access and telephone calls. All inmates in the program are drug and alcohol tested regularly.

Electronic Monitoring Programs (a.k.a. the bracelet) help inmates reintegrate back to their neighborhoods by ensuring they get employment and services such as treatment so they can maintain a clean and sober life style. Inmates returning to their respective communities are less likely to recidivate if they have positive connections to their community. The inmate can become a productive member of society.

The Electronic Monitoring Program not only benefits the inmate but is also cost effective. The inmate pays a portion of cost to participate in the program. They reside with their family members alleviating overcrowding in jails and the cost of housing inmates.

Contact Information:

Deputy Marybeth Robichaud, Reentry Coordinator:            508-375-6163

Deputy Ron Parkinson, E.M. Field Officer:                             508-375-6165