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Crime Victim Services

Barnstable County Sheriff's Office

The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office offers assistance and support services to victims of crimes perpetrated by inmates serving their sentences at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility. The BCSO Victim Services Unit works with the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) to assist with the victim certification process which allows approved victims and other interested parties to receive important information relative to an offending inmate’s crime and incarceration status.

The Victim Services Unit’s primary mission is to provide information, assistance and support to victims and other interested parties affected by an inmate’s crime and incarceration status including crisis intervention, confidential referrals and on-going safety planning. The BCSO Victim Services Unit also provides informational guidance relative to the criminal justice system, sentencing, incarceration, parole eligibility, disciplinary actions, restraining orders and pre-trial bail notifications.

The BCSO works closely with the Cape & Island District Attorney’s Office, local and state police departments, the Massachusetts Parole Board, the Sex Offender Registry Board, the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services and other correctional facilities to ensure that victims are provided with the following offender/inmate information:

Victims receive notification as soon as practicable when an offender/inmate:

  1. Escapes, dies or is granted an emergency furlough or other temporary release;
  2. Is granted a modification and reduction of sentence (revise and revoke).

Victims are provided a 14 day advance notice when an offender/inmate:

  1. Receives his/her final release date;
  2. Is transferred to a less secure facility.

Sheriff Buckley understands that involvement with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming at times for victims and she is committed to ensuring that all victims’ rights and services are provided by her staff. All victim information is held in the strictest of confidences and victims are treated with compassion and respect by our BCSO Victim Services staff.

Contact our Victim Services Unit:

Crime victimization may cause or complicate many issues. There are other victim related resources available which may be helpful during this time.



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