Civil Process


The Barnstable Deputy Sheriff's, Civil Process Division, under Chief Deputy Bradley R. Parker, Jr., consists of eleven Deputy Sheriffs, support and clerical staff. The Division's operations, routed in ancient common law as well as controlled by Massachusetts General Laws, are specialized, but the Civil Process Deputies probably have more contact with the general public than any other branch of the Sheriff's Office. In addition, the Civil Process Division operates at no cost to the County or to the taxpayers. The services are paid by attorneys or individual plaintiffs under a statutory-fee structure. Fully computerized, the Civil Process office is located adjacent to the Barnstable County Complex at 3261 Main Street in Barnstable Village.


The Deputy Sheriffs of this office deliver legal notices and court papers from all Massachusetts Courts, as well as from the various Courts in other states or counties. They are legally capable to serve process in all fifteen towns within the County of Barnstable. The cases vary from small claims matters to multi-million dollar real estate attachments and major Superior Court matters.


This Office deals in six broad areas:

  • The largest volume of cases are monetary or contractual disputes, where the Deputies are charged with delivery of summons, complaints, notices of suit and successive post-judgment papers.
  • Delivery of Witness subpoenas and notices of deposition.
  • In cases of defaulted judgments, Writs of Capias warrant the Deputy to arrest and transport to any court in the Commonwealth.
  • Delivery of Probate Court documents concerning divorce proceedings, custody matters, disputed estates and child support cases.
  • Real estate attachments and levies on executions, up to and including Sheriff's sales of real property in Barnstable County.
  • Landlord-tenant matters where Deputies deliver notices to quit, summary process summons and complaints and ejectment executions.

Civil Process handled approximately 12,600 cases last year and provided professional, competent and courteous service to attorneys and the public in a timely manner. The Office is especially careful to maintain proper respect for the rights of all parties concerned. Whether simple small claims cases, major lawsuits, or an occasional court-ordered seizure of a boat or airplane, the Deputy Sheriffs in the Civil Process office are dedicated to ensuring proper and professional service of process.


Barnstable Deputy Sheriff's Civil Process Division

3261 Main Street

PO Box 729

Barnstable, MA 02630


Fax (508)-362-7012