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Do you need papers served by a Deputy Sheriff? Has the Court required you to sell property through a Sheriff’s Sale?

The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division is staffed by sworn Deputy Sheriffs trained to properly serve legal documents and enforce civil orders issued by all Massachusetts and out-of-state Courts including summons, complaints, subpoenas, citations, attachments, probate and family court documents, evictions, levies, etc. and to enforce court ordered judgments including but not limited to seizing and selling of property through a sheriff’s sale, enforcing evictions and expediting capias arrests. Sheriff Donna Buckley and the BCSO Civil Process Deputy Sheriffs are mandated to serve and execute all precepts lawfully issued for service by an officer within Barnstable County in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws c.37. Our Deputies are professional, courteous and held to the same high standards required of other law enforcement agencies. BCSO Civil Process Deputies have unrestricted jurisdiction granting them enforcement authority across Barnstable County.

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Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Process Division
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Phone: 508-362-9578
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